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Launching a test

To launch a test, click on the Launch test button from the execution scenario page. The launch test wizard appears:

Virtual Users Validation

Virtual Users validation

The first step is to execute a sanity check of each virtual user. This step validates that none of your Virtual Users contains critical errors. Such errors, like a missing CSV variable file, would prevent the test from running. You need to fix them before continuing to the next step.


You can click on the magnifier icon to open any Virtual User and proceed to a validation in order to see the list of sanity check messages.

Monitoring Connections Validation

Monitoring connections validation

The second step is the monitoring connections validation. If you configured monitoring connections, OctoPerf automatically checks every enabled connection before launching the test.

Before starting the test, you need to either:

  • Fix any connectivity issue,
  • Disable the invalid monitoring connections.


You can click on the magnifier icon to open any Monitoring Connection.

Subscription Selection

The final step allows to select:

  • The report name,
  • The report template (only visible if at least one template is available),
  • The subscription to use.


Leave the Template field blank to use the default one. You can also switch to an other template while the test is running or completed.

Subscription selection

Click on the Launch button, the test startup procedure is shown within seconds.

Please allow up to a few minutes for the test to start. The system may need to start machines before it can run your test. A Bench report is created when launching a test. You can always go back to your test by clicking on the corresponding bench report on the project homepage.