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Service Level Agreement Profiles


The SLA Profiles page lets you configure, in one place, the Service Level Agreement of the application tested.

  • Create several SLA profiles, for instance to deal with transactions that have very different expected response times.
  • Apply several criteria inside a single SLA profile, for instance when you need to control response times and error rate.


To apply an SLA profile, you can drop an SLA action under a HTTP Request or Container in the Virtual User tree.

SLA profiles list

Service Level Agreement

The SLA Profile page uses a layout with the list on the left and edition on the right. The list features all the usual possibilities as described in the dedicated section about lists.

SLA Configuration


Name Description
Metric The metric that this Threshold will apply to. Only raw metrics can be used, calculated metrics like percentiles are not available since they are processed afterwards.
Name Display name for this SLA.
Severity Passed for no SLA triggered, otherwise pick warning or critical depending on severity.
From, To Define the boundaries of this SLA.
During Number of occurrences or Time waited until a failed SLA is reported. Use this to avoid having too many failed SLA reports because of single hits above th


An SLA profile can contain several Thresholds and every threshold can contain several SLAs. Use this to create a set of rules that corresponds to your application.