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Datadog also offers a JMeter integration that you can activate during your tests. Check their documentation to have more details.



Name Description
URL Your Datadog URL. Usually .com or .eu depending on your datadog instance location.
Log intake URL Your Datadog Log intake URL. Usually .com or .eu depending on your datadog instance location.
Api key Your Datadog API key.
Metrics Max Batch Size Metrics are submitted every 10 seconds in batches of this size
Logs Batch Size Logs are submitted in batches of size logsBatchSize as soon as this size is reached.
Send results as logs By default only metrics are reported to Datadog. To report individual test results as log events, set this field to true.
Include sub-results By default sub-results are ignored. Activate this option to send them.
Custom tags Tags to be added to this test.
Samplers Regular expression A regex to filter the sampler to collect.


OctoPerf will automatically add CUstom tags as follows:

  • region = Provider's region
  • hostname = JMeter container name
  • virtualUserName = Virtual user name
  • testName = runtime scenario name