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Add External Live Reporting

External Live Reporting

While the test is running in OctoPerf it is also possible to ask OctoPerf to send the metrics to another database. To that end we have implemented several backend listeners from JMeter.

The general principle is that every load generator will send its metrics in real time to your database. In the case of large tests, this may result in a large amount of metrics to integrate, make sure to dimension it properly.


Make sure that your database will be accessible from the load generators while the test is running, otherwise it will not be possible for OctoPerf to send the metrics. In case of a closed environment you can use an On-Premise Agent to that end.


If you do not see the metrics in your database afterward, try checking the JMeter logs for error messages like this:

ERROR o.a.j.v.b.i.HttpMetricsSender: Error writing metrics to influxDB Url:, responseCode: 401, responseBody: {"code":"unauthorized","message":"unauthorized access"}


In this situation your token might be incorrect or expired but other messages will tell you more about what's the issue.