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Postman collection import

Postman is a collaboration platform for API development, it makes testing your API easy, for instance by importing open API or swagger definitions.


Postman exports are usually missing headers like Content-type and some others. Also some items like postman scripts cannot be converted in JMeter/OctoPerf. These elements will have to be added again in OctoPerf but the bulk of your Postman collection will be properly imported.

Import Open API/Swagger

Even if you are not using Postman on a regular basis, it can also be used to import Open API and Swagger definitions, the procedure is available here in their documentation. It can then be exported as a postman collection and imported in OctoPerf thus providing a way to also import these two specifications in OctoPerf.

Export postman collection

To retrieve your Postman requests inside OctoPerf you need to export the collection as a JSON from within Postman. This can be done by right clicking on it and selecting export:


OctoPerf requires the v2.1 JSON Collection format:


You can then proceed to import it inside OctoPerf.

Create Virtual User: Import collection

Import the previously saved .json file on OctoPerf:

Create Virtual User from Postman collection

Simply drop the file in the JSON area or use the Choose File button. The download starts automatically.

Ad blocker

By default OctoPerf will filter a certain number of URLs based on a few blocklists:

Make sure to Disable ad blocker if you prefer to keep everything.