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Debug panel


The debug panel allows you to view the requests and responses played during the record of the Virtual User and during a Validate VU.


You can use the LEFT and RIGHT drop down lists to select an occurrence. When a different occurrence is selected in each of these lists, the Debug panel will switch to Comparison mode.

To revert back to the Detailed mode, just select the same occurrence in both FIRST and SECOND lists.


If you create a Virtual User by hand (without importing a HAR), recorded requests and responses are not present. You may run a Validate VU to get requests / responses.

Icon Action Description
debug-save Save as recorded This action will overwrite the recorded response with the new one. Be careful, it cannot be undone.
debug-new-tab Open in a new tab Sends the response content in a new browser tab to attempt rendering it.



In this section you can see the timings of requests.

There are two breakdowns available:


The recorded shows timings from your browser, they can be very different from timings of the validations executed from our cloud agents.

Detailed mode

When only one occurrence is available or, the same occurrence is selected in both FIRST and SECOND drop down lists, the detailed mode is activated.

This means you have access to the same functions as the code editor available throughout OctoPerf:



On top of this, bodies can be formatted in various languages. We always try to pick the most relevant one, but if the detection fails you can always change it manually with the http-post-raw-format-button button.

This only affects the display, the actual content is not modified.

Comparison mode

When a different occurrence is selected in FIRST and SECOND drop down lists, the debug panel switches to comparison mode. In that mode the text editor is slightly less powerful but instead you can use it to compare Headers or bodies across different occurrences. Pay attention to the color code next to each dropdown in order to understand the comparison:


Action Description
debug-unlock Goto Previous/Next difference.
CTRL+F Open search dialog, enter search text or regexp then press enter to submit search.
CTRL+G Go to next occurrence of search result.
SHIFT+CTRL+G Go to previous occurrence of search result.

Processor debug

When a Processor like the regex processor is selected, the debug panel will instead display the results of this extractor for the selected response occurrence:



If your post processor uses a variable, the debug will not work since the value of this variable is not known. But for testing purpose it is possible to specify the value of all variables in the context menu: