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Threshold Alarms Table Item

This item lists all the threshold alarms which occurred since the beginning of the test. More information can be found in the documentation dedicated to Alarms and Thresholds.

Threshold Alarms Table Item

Name Description
Connection Monitoring or SLA that was trigerred,
Counter counter or threshold that raised the alarm,
Duration Duration of this trigger. 0 ms indicates a single violation.
Time Time of the error converted in your browser local time.


To customize the Threshold Alarms Table, please refer to the documentation page about the legend and metrics. Editing a Threshold Alarms Table only allows you to filter on a monitoring connection or SLA.

View Alarm Details

It is possible to see the details of any given threshold with a click onthreshold-alarms-details-button

This immediately creates a new line chart:


Export as CSV

To export the table, please refer to the documentation page about exporting tables.