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Execution Scenario

A runtime scenario is a collection of user profiles. User profiles allow you to easily compose a test with a mix of:

  • Virtual users,
  • Test locations (including cloud and on premise),
  • Load policies,
  • Behaviors (like cache or cookies),
  • etc...

User profiles

Scenario page

The scenario page uses a layout with the list on the left and edition on the right. The list features all the usual possibilities as described in the dedicated section about lists.



Name Action
Edit Edit this user profile.
Duplicate Create an exact copy of this user profile.
Apply changes Apply some configurations from this profile to others.
Delete Permanently removes this user profile.

Edit user profile

To Edit a user profile, you can click Edit in the list or click on a user profile in the Stacked Profiles graph:


This will allow you to Edit all the following settings:

Setting Description Example
VU Defines the virtual user profile attached to this userload. Buyer
Location Geo location where the virtual users are running. It can be a Cloud or On-Premise location. EU West (Ireland)
Strategy Lets you define user load strategy (number of concurrent users and duration). 1000 vus, 1h
Name Change the display name of this user profile. Buyer in Ireland
Device Defines the virtual user's browser settings (like cookies and cache management) and the network simulation settings. As Recorded
DNS Domain Name System settings. Clear cache OFF
JMeter JMeter runtime properties and JMeter Test Logs file generation settings. OFF
Memory Memory override settings. default

Apply changes

This option allows you to apply configurations from one profile to others. To apply it to several profiles, select them and use the drop down menu on top next to Add profile:


The replacement can be done on all of the sub-sections of the user profile and for most of them it's possible to handpick items to apply:



This operation cannot be undone. If you are unsure, make a duplicate copy of your entire runtime profile first.

Runtime scenario overview


This section displays:


Edit scenario metadata


This is a shortcut toward editing the Runtime scenario metadata.

Rescale entire test

When you hover your mouse on the Maximum concurrent users or Maximum duration you will see a Scale scenario button. This allows you to change the Maximum concurrent users and/or maximum duration for the entire test.

Clicking on Scale scenario will open a new windows where you can define the target value(s).


Just enter the new number of concurrent users and duration you would like to launch and we will increase the proportions of each User profile to match this.


To prevent rounding issues, it is not allowed to scale the scenario to a Maximum concurrent user resulting to 0 for one of the User Profiles.

Launch test


A simple click on the Launch test button will open a window with the test starting wizard.