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Delay Action

Delay Action

The Delay allows you to pause your Virtual Users. It cannot contain other actions. Delays are always filtered from the response times of their parent containers.

It has 3 modes:

  • Constant: Pauses for a fixed amount of time,
  • Random: Pauses for a random amount of time,
  • Text: Pauses for a fixed amount of time or based on a variable or function.


Text delay has no unit of time, as such it is always interpreted in milliseconds.


A common use of delays is in combination with a loop to refresh a page every XX seconds. Also using one at the end of a virtual user is a good way to have a delay between iterations.


HTTP Actions have a think time. It has the same purpose as the Delay Action but is not shown as a distinct element in the tree.

Delay & response time

Delays won't be part of the response time measured in your containers, so they won't appear in your report. If you need that delay to be part of your container's response time, instead of a delay you should use a JSR223 script :

Thread Sleep