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Bench Report Templates


The Templates page allows you to apply report templates to an existing report or create a new template from an existing report.

Templates list

Report Templates

The templates page uses a layout with the list on the left and edition on the right. The list features all the usual possibilities as described in the dedicated section about lists.

Extract Template

Click on extract-templates to open the report selector and create a template based upon one of them.


If the template has an empty description, then the report description will be kept upon applying the template.

When you create a template, you can use the following variables inside blocks of text:


This way the current value for each test will be used every time you apply the template.


Templates do NOT include report item filters (e.g. Selected action, region, etc).

Apply Template

Hover on a template in the list and click on apply to select the report you want to update.


The configuration of the selected Report is overriden by the configuration of the Template.