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OctoPerf On Premise Infra


OctoPerf On Premise Infra is a standalone application running as a few Docker containers. It is the same as OctoPerf Saas, but runs on your own computers.

Being based on Docker has numerous advantages:

  • Easy to setup: easily run the application within minutes using docker-compose,
  • Clean: Remove the Docker containers and you're done. Your system is kept clean,
  • Flexible configuration: Docker gives you the full control over configuration, ranging from Single Machine setup to High Availability clustered environments.

OctoPerf On Premise Infra Setup takes only a few minutes.


OctoPerf On Premise Infra is made of 4 components:

  • OctoPerf Enterprise-Edition: Backend server exposing the Rest Api consumed by the User-Interface,
  • OctoPerf UI: Frontend server which serves the User-Interface,
  • OctoPerf Documentation: small nginx server serving the documentation,
  • and Elasticsearch: Database used to persist all your datas.

In addition to this, an Nginx Load Balancer exposes the whole application on a single port. All those components are publicly available as Docker images on Docker HUB.


OctoPerf On Premise Infra has the following installation requirements:

  • CPU: At least 4 cores, Intel Core I7 or Xeon recommended,
  • RAM: At least 8GB RAM, 16GB recommended,
  • Disk: At least 10GB on a modern SSD, 100GB recommended (to have enough space for test results),
  • Operating system: Linux, Ubuntu (most recent LTS). Any Distribution which supports the latest Docker versions,
  • Server: both physical and virtual machines are supported, however physical servers are recommended,
  • Software: Docker must be installed. Preferably the latest version of Docker CE . Older versions might not be compatible.

For stability reasons, we recommend to use separate machines for running OctoPerf On Premise Infra and execute load tests.