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Amazon Web Services

OctoPerf is based on Amazon Web Service to provide the Cloud infrastructure needed to conduct load tests with a large number of virtual users.

The following IP ranges are used by our load injectors to send the traffic.


The following list of CIDRs (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) is generated using AWS REST API:

Directly look at this endpoint to get the latest information.

IP Ranges


Generated on Fri Jul 19 2024

Africa (Cape Town)

Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

Asia Pacific (Hyderabad)

Asia Pacific (Jakarta)

Asia Pacific (Melbourne)

Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Australia (Sydney)

Canada (Calgary)

Canada (Montreal)

EU Central (Frankfurt)

EU North (Stockholm)

EU West (Ireland)

EU West (London)

EU West (Paris)

Europe (Milan)

Europe (Spain)

India (Mumbai)

Israel (Tel Aviv)

Japan (Tokyo)

Middle East (Bahrain)

Middle East (UAE)

South America (Sao Paulo)

South Korea (Seoul)

Switzerland North (Zürich)

US East (Ohio)

US East (Virginia)

US West (North California)

US West (Oregon)