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With the release of the new user interface (UI) described in this documentation we felt the need to create this FAQ. We will update it as we go when we get new questions, so feel free to send us your feedbacks through the chat or email.

Why a new UI ?

While we had a lot of good feedback on the current (old) UI, it was lacking some critical features. For example it was not possible to select multiple elements in the design of a virtual user.

The current UI was also the result of many years of adding features that were not part of the original plan. Because of that the look and feel could vary depending on each screen of the application. Developing a new UI allowed us to use the same layouts and menus for all the pages and features. Not only does this make maintenance easier, it also brings a lot of clarity and ease of use.

Will the new UI break any feature ?

We've only added features, nothing was removed. So if you don't find your favorite button, drop us a note in the chat and we'll point you in the right direction. Also, only the front end has been reworked, the API behind all of it stays the same. The security, data persistence and many other aspects are all handled at the API level. Which is why we're very confident that there will be no major issues.

But I liked the old UI

So did we, but AngularJS has officially been discontinued more than a year ago. We have reached a point where the efforts to maintain the current UI might be more intense than working on a newer version of angular. Our policy has always been to keep up to date with the latest technologies when it makes sense. And we felt the added value was well worth it.

Why not build the exact same UI on newer angular frameworks instead ?

The thing we realized while working on newer angular versions is that they offer so many new possibilities. We thought it would have been a shame to only build the same UI when we could have done so much more.

And this is only the beginning, we have many new features planned for the coming year.

What if I preferred the old UI ?

In that case don't stay idle, please tell us which aspects of the older UI you feel are missing. We've been through a year of beta and have done so many changes since it started. But we are always glad to hear your feedback and integrate it into our roadmap.

The new UI is a free update, so once we figure out what you are missing, we’re confident you’ll want to make the switch.

What will happen to the old UI ?

We will maintain it until 30th of June 2024. After that some features might start to break down as we update our stack.

By then we hope everyone realizes there's more value in the new UI and has made the switch.

How do I update my on premise infrastructure ?

As usual, just download the new configuration files and restart your stack.

Starting from OctoPerf 13 you will be redirected to the new UI by default. But earlier versions (12.9.1 and above) also have it using /ui/ in the url after your domain and port.

Are you going to change it again in the future ?

That is not part of our plans yet. The newer angular versions that we have used still offer many possibilities. If one day we feel limited by it, we may consider changing again.

For the reference, the old UI has been in place since 2015 and will run until 2024 so a major change to the new UI is unlikely to happen any time soon.

How can i get up to speed on the changes

If you're reading this, you're already in the right place. Try the getting started page it will give you an overview of all the options available.